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Fairness to all -- including prom queens [Letter]

As a supporter of the Fairness For All Marylander's Act, I want to thank The Sun for running Kevin Rector's article, "Transgender student named prom queen at Baltimore high school" (May 28).

When Destiny Hartis graduates, leaves Baltimore and crosses over into Anne Arundel County to attend a nursing program, all of her basic rights will travel with her thanks to the Fairness For All Marylanders Act. Prior to this update to our anti-discrimination law, Ms. Harris would have lost the rights she had at home in Baltimore City the moment she crossed over into Anne Arundel County. Ms. Hartis' story illustrates the results of the recent Goucher poll that showed that 71 percent of Marylanders supported including gender identity in the state's anti-discrimination laws.

This important update to Maryland's existing anti-discrimination law makes it possible for Ms. Hartis and the people in my life whom I love to earn a living without having to fear being fired for issues unrelated to job performance, to find housing without fear of being turned down just because of who they are and to attend the theater without worrying about being told to leave. When we make it possible for all of our friends, family and fellow Marylanders to work and have a roof over their heads, we all win.

Briana M. Weadock, Silver Spring

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