Morgan has good reason to be wary of partnering with Towson [Letter]

So Morgan State University should trust the folks who have been duplicating its programs ("If not now, when?" May 27)?

Is Morgan the only school that is looking out for its own interests?

As Ronald Reagan famously said: "Trust, but verify." It seems to me that Morgan wants to see what Towson University and the University System of Maryland are actually willing to do to be helpful rather than to undermine Morgan's ability to attract students to its high-demand unique programs.

There is a history of cooperation between Morgan and Towson, especially at the graduate level for programs in reading, liberal studies and other areas. But the cooperation tended to erode when Morgan became independent and Towson became a part of the University System of Maryland.

The "when" for Morgan at this point would be the moment at which it can be sure that its programs are not being used to support programs at other schools and that the joint agreements don't portend a duplication of its own unique programs.

The chaos and confusion that came with the infamous University of Baltimore-Towson University MBA program show that joint programs can be fraught with difficulty, and in that case the outcome was detrimental to Morgan.

So it seems reasonable for Morgan to want to wait and see what is going on before jumping to seize what looks like a carrot, but might in fact be a stick in disguise.

Richard Morrell, Lochearn

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