It's clear who is best suited to be Maryland's next governor [Letter]

As primary elections approach in Maryland, one begins to research the candidates and their issues; as someone especially aware of environmental issues, I think the choice is clear regarding who would best lead Maryland as its next governor. And I think The Sun does, too.

Was it her decision to take public funding for her campaign rather than accept who knows how much from who knows which corporations? Or was it her strong stance against fracking and Cove Point?

Her plan for better education and equal opportunity throughout the state? Or was it simply her willingness to actually take a stand on all these issues, without having taken large amounts of special interest money?

Whatever the case, Del. Heather Mizeur has clearly shone as the brightest possible future for Maryland. And after all the glowing articles on Ms. Mizeur coming from your publication, the only remaining question is: When will The Sun endorse the candidate it's been so impressed with all along?

Meagan Braganca, Ellicott City

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