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The lessons of Baltimore School for the Arts [Letter]

The recent commentary regarding the Baltimore School for the Arts and the experience of Jabril Leach who was dismissed from the school, has some validity ("Who is responsible for Jabril?" May 19). No, the school is not equipped to deal with the Jabrils of Baltimore, but at the Baltimore School for the Arts, you will find teachers and administrators willing to meet you halfway.

As a student coming from the city's hood, I needed teachers who would go beyond the call of duty (Stephanie Powell and R.C. Gladney to name two). Getting a superior education from there allowed me to see the disparities that exist in education by the time I graduated in 1995. I was not prepared for the rigorous academics as a freshman, but as a senior, I was prepared for college.

Much is expected of freshmen; only the strong survive, although I also know plenty of people who were kicked out of or left the school but turned out fine. Other schools would benefit from using the Baltimore School for the Arts as a model.

Elexis Bond

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