Discrimination at SSA is not unique [Letter]

As a long-time advocate for equal employment opportunity in the federal workplace, I applaud your recent article, "Report finds 'failure' in Social Security discrimination complaint process" (May 15) by John Fritze, which disclosed the recent audit of the Social Security Administration's employment discrimination complaints process conducted by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Now the EEOC needs to conduct audits of other federal agencies, including those in the legislative branch, because the shortcomings of the SSA's complaints process are not unique to that agency. The Coalition For Change, Inc., a nonprofit civil rights group comprised of current and former federal employees like myself, has diligently and consistently brought to the attention of the EEOC and our elected officials, including the three mentioned in your article, the many deficiencies and, indeed, the hypocrisy of the federal employment discrimination complaints process and the long overdue need for substantive reform of that process.

We, therefore, applaud your newspaper for shedding some light on this much-neglected problem and hope that members of the taxpaying public who ultimately bear the financial burden of this broken system, our members of Congress and the EEOC itself will devote greater attention to it and demand corrective actions be instituted. If not, will anyone ever be held accountable for their misconduct?

Diane R. Williams, Fort Washington

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