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Pray like a jockey [Letter]

I'm a firm believer that no government body should engage in public prayer ("Carroll commissioners resume practice of sectarian prayer," May 13). A moment of silence for personal reflection is appropriate; invoking a deity is not.

If city, county, state or federal officials feel the overwhelming need to publicly pray, there is a better way to do it, and that is to follow the example set by Richard Monterrey, jockey and youth minister. "Lord, take care of all those here who are risking their lives today — jockeys and gallop boys, the gate crews and trainers..." prays Mr. Monterrey as he minsters in the jockeys' room at Pimlico.

It's an inclusive prayer that speaks to most and makes few, if any, uncomfortable. Prayer as prayer and not as a political tool.

Lisa Snyder, Owings Mills

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