Political correctness run amok [Letter]

Dan Rodricks' commentary on Carroll County's invocation of Jesus Christ at Board of County Commissioners meetings made no sense at all ("A 'frustrating, disingenuous' Supreme Court ruling," May 6).

Mr. Rodricks postulated that if a non-Christian were to come to one of these meetings hat in hand to request approval on any number of projects he or she would certainly be met by prejudice. Why?

The commissioners would undoubtedly have no idea what religion or non-religion anyone is affiliated with, so it obviously would have no impact on their decisions.

For Mr. Rodricks to automatically conclude a negative outcome suggests he has a crystal ball. That's preposterous to say the least!

If Mr. Rodricks were completely honest he would admit his position is pure political correctness run amok.

Gail Householder, Marriottsville

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