Come dig tulips at Sherwood Gardens [Letter]

We appreciate your coverage of the tulip beds at Sherwood Gardens but would like to offer some clarifications ("Sherwood Gardens: Pretty as a picture," April 8).

Although we encourage the public to enjoy Sherwood Gardens and its picturesque landscape, it is not a public park and is not supported by taxpayer funds. The park includes Stratford Green, originally laid out by the Olmsted Brothers for the enjoyment of the residents of Guilford, as well as adjacent land originally purchased by John Sherwood in the 1920s to accommodate his tulip hobby.

Mr. Sherwood's land was sold to the Guilford Association upon his death and transferred to Stratford Green. Operations of the park are now funded solely by the Guilford Homeowners Association and private donations.

We hope to see many Baltimoreans at the Tulip Dig on May 24, where from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. the public is invited to come and dig tulip bulbs to take home and transplant, at a cost of 30 cents per bulb. This money literally will be plowed back into our Baltimore jewel.

Margaret Alton, Baltimore

The writer is vice president of the Guilford Association Inc.

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