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Teachers not looking for vacation [Letter]

J. Robert Clark's letter ("Waivers are for lazy teachers," March 30) is particularly disturbing since I spent 42 years in Baltimore classrooms. He attacks teachers as being lazy because they want waivers to excuse snow days. Then he throws in that he is a Baltimore County bus driver who doesn't get paid much and then moves to attack U.S. educational performance, followed by a tirade against the Common Core curriculum.

If he had any focus to his rant, it seems to be that teachers are lazy. Mr. Clark sits at home after his 3:30 p.m. bus route is over, but teachers are still working on lessons into the dark of night every night and through the weekend.

Oh, by the way, teachers have no part in request for waivers. It is due to parental pressure to let kids out for their summer vacations and jobs. So, please don't get off your bus and come into our classrooms. You will probably just find us taking lazy naps.

Thomas Bateman

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