Gender identity bill endangers public [Letter]

Transgender people, like all people, should be protected against illegal discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation. The legislation about bathroom access, however, is a different story, opening doors, literally, to predators and voyeurs in restrooms and other places ("Gender identity protected," March 28).

The ugly case of the assault on Crissy Polis is tirelessly cited as proof that some new law was needed to protect "trannies." But Ms. Polis' race was much more the cause of her being beaten so brutally than her transgender status. Tonnae Brown, Ms. Polis' 18-year-old assailant, had been charged with criminal assault just the previous November for attacking a 38-year-old mother of two at the same McDonald's in Rosedale.

The newly-passed "bathroom bill" purports to provide protection to a tiny population that does not need it. What it does is to put a much larger population at increased risk of mischief and worse.

W. S. Whiting, Baltimore

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