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A rebirth of progress politics in Maryland [Letter]

Columnist Thomas F. Schaller's sobering commentary on American politics concludes that the deep divisions between blue and red states may require Washington to shift more power back to the states and allow voters to "more closely tailor policies to their partisan liking" ("Adapting to a politically divided nation," March 18).

Notwithstanding a concession of power by Washington, we are already seeing states like Maryland take the initiative with respect to issues of importance to its voters.

Last year's General Assembly resulted in the Marriage Equality Act and limits on campaign contributions by individuals and businesses. This year we may see the legalization of medical marijuana and calls to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United.

In short, what Mr. Schaller may actually be forecasting is the beginning of a 21st-century progressive movement in which states plant the roots of change that our federal government can cultivate in the years to come.

Joe Garonzik, Baltimore

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