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Ruppersberger did too little, too late to reform the NSA [Letter]

I applaud The Sun for its editorial on reforming the National Security Agency ("Who will watch the watchers?" March 24).

Your writer was rightly and justifiably skeptical about both President Obama's and Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger's apparent 180-degree turn on the seemingly never-ending NSA scandal.

As the ranking Democrat and head of the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. Ruppersberger has utterly failed the American people. In the face of overwhelming leaks, inquiries and ever-increasing evidence of abuse he has fanatically defended the NSA and its abusive, unconstitutional overreach.

Since the Snowden leaks became public, Mr. Ruppersberger has made it clear that he would rather promote the NSA than take his role as the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee seriously. This behavior is hurting his country and his district.

The congressman's most recent commentary is a shameless attempt to save face in the midst of immense public pressure against the NSA ("Bill calls for end to NSA bulk telephone 'metadata' collection," March 24).

Our world is becoming more interconnected than ever. We need congressional leaders who understand the growing world of the Internet and how to best protect our privacy and liberty. For someone in Mr. Ruppersberger's position, he has done too little and too late.

Ian Schlakman, Baltimore

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