McCormick can spice up Baltimore [Letter]

McCormick & Co. Inc. is dear to every Marylander's heart ("McCormick is exploring relocation of headquarters," March 27). Few can live away from the state without picking up a classic can of Old Bay, as much for a feeling of home as for its delicious flavors. I read with fear, and then joy, the news that the spice company was considering relocating its corporate headquarters. Fear that they may move away, even if just to Pennsylvania, joy at the prospect that they could relocate from their drab suburban office park to the heart of downtown Baltimore.

For what better place than our city of Baltimore for this great Maryland company to move, no, return to? It would, of course, be a huge boost to the city, were the company to move its headquarters downtown. But McCormick should also consider the huge boost it could be to the company. The fact is, more and more people want to live in active, fun, urban environments. It is why young and intelligent people from around the state and the country are moving back to our urban cores. Many companies have realized that if they want to attract the best talent — young, intelligent, hardworking people — they need to move to attractive areas.

Selling spices may be an old fashioned business but even a company like McCormick could greatly benefit from a talented entrepreneurial workforce. Baltimore should obviously try and attract this great company. And if McCormick wants to remain great, it should seriously consider moving back to downtown Baltimore.

Brian Levy, Baltimore

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