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Waivers are for lazy teachers [Letter]

I find it a little infuriating that schools are asking for waivers to circumvent the 180-day law ("Snowed in," March 27). Our schools are woefully behind other countries in testing, language skills, mathematics and sciences. You would think our teachers and administrators (which are the highest paid in the world) would welcome the opportunity to get as much teaching time as possible.

I am a school bus driver for Baltimore County Public Schools and what I see every day is our education system bending over backward to promulgate the facade of quality academia. Our children spend so much time lining up for inane activities and lining up again to return to class where precious time is again wasted, that our schools have become nothing more than child care services. Of course, I am referring to elementary and middle schools.

This waiver request is a smoke screen designed to save money by not paying bus drivers and cafeteria workers who are the bottom of the proverbial barrel. The teachers have already been paid so, of course, they wouldn't mind working less. Funny though, when Superintendent Dallas Dance chose to install the Common Core curriculum (which is pretty much accepted nationwide), the teachers balked. What is it about work that teachers feel is beneath them?

J. Robert Clark, Towson

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