Zero tolerance for bullying [Letter]

It is despicable that Glenelg High School won't allow students to acknowledge the terrible loss of a young person as a result of bullying ("Blue ribbons for Grace," March 26).

It is a cowardly act on the part of the school to use the excuse that it would be glorifying her death. That is absurd.

As educators, the school should be embracing an incredibly powerful "teachable moment" to a captive audience of students, parents, siblings, friends and extended family members.

Let the message be broadcast as far and as often as possible: Bullying kills and there is zero tolerance policy for such behavior everywhere in society.

Our educational institutions have a responsibility that extends beyond the classroom and the imparting of knowledge. Our institutions have a responsibility to build character and to embrace the ideals of human kindness, compassion, decency, fairness and the like.

Perhaps if schools in particular, took this approach, we would build a far better society.

Pamela Fish Zingeser, Rockville

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