HCPSS will allow blue ribbons if McComas family asks [Letter]

HCPSS joins the family and friends of Grace McComas in the grieving process, understanding that it is ongoing and particularly difficult during milestones in students' lives such as graduation. Our graduation procedures manual states that items worn on caps and gowns are limited to academic achievements. We believe there are other visible and meaningful ways to express remembrance of students who have passed. The school system has reached out to the McComas family to consider options such as the awarding of a posthumous diploma and a scholarship from the Glenelg High School Active Minds student organization in Grace's name. In addition, school administrators are working to engage students in these efforts and have approved the wearing of wristbands in Grace's favorite color during the graduation ceremony. The school system does not want our collective desire to honor Grace to be overshadowed by a debate around the method, which distracts from her memory. If the McComas family indicates that they would prefer for students to wear blue ribbons, the school system will honor this request.

Rebecca Amani-Dove

Director of Communications, Howard County Public School System

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