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Raise the legal age to smoke [Letter]

Stopping and preventing smoking is a great thing to do ("City Council passes smoking ban near playgrounds, athletic fields," March 24).

The best prevention is keeping kids from starting. Why not just raise the legal age to smoke to 25? That way it would be illegal for young people to smoke, at least in public.

If our government can make me wear a seat belt starting at age 16, or set the legal drinking and voting age at 21, it could do the same for smoking.

One thing that has really helped is banning smoking indoors. I am so glad that if I go to a tavern for something to eat or drink that I don't have to endure smokers.

Change the law and you won't have kids starting early. Right now, all you have to do is ride past Catonsville High School at dismissal to see how many kids are smoking when they leave campus.

Joe Heldmann, Catonsville

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