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In a word: imbroglio

Each week The Sun's John McIntyre presents a relatively obscure but evocative word with which you may not be familiar, another brick to add to the wall of your vocabulary. This week's word: 


When you discover what a nice mess you have gotten yourself into, you have a word at hand to label the situation. 

Imbroglio (pronounced im-BROL-yo) can be, variously, a mess of things, such as the heap of clutter that has accumulated in the garage; a complicated situation, such as the plot of a soap opera; an embarrassing misunderstanding; or a confused and complicated dispute, such as the recurring kerfuffles over the exposure of spurious rules of English usage. 

English pocketed the word from the Italian around 1750. 

Example: From a 2005 Washington Post article: "The Judith Miller-Valerie Plame-Scooter Libby imbroglio is being reduced to a simple narrative about the origins of the Iraq war."


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