Maryland tolls are too high [Letter]

I'm retired and living in Towson and recently had need to visit a business in Curtis Bay. I knew the Maryland tolls had gone up in the past few years, but it quite surprised me to realize it would cost $8 to go and return over the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Once again, the Maryland money grab encourages people to find a way to avoid being in Maryland. It shouldn't be surprising that individuals and businesses are voting with their feet and leaving the state. No wonder the state is having trouble balancing the budget. The higher the taxes and fees, the more people will find ways to avoid them.

Is this the fault of our legislature? Partially, but the blame lies mainly at the feet of the voters who are cutting off their noses to spite their faces by continuing to put such people in office. It's time to wake-up, neighbors.

Warren Updike, Towson

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