Two political parties, one big failure [Letter]

The commentary regarding challenges facing the U.S. in the global economy ("Corvette economics," March 2) contained the most succinct and clear descriptions of our two chaotic political parties in the last 30 years that I have ever read. It is a shame those paragraphs can't be plastered across America to wake up the average, inattentive citizen as to the inefficiencies of our current parties and the lack of caring displayed by the politicians.

Raymond Daniel Burke is correct — politicians of both parties are displaying unbelievable inadequacies serving the issues facing us nationally and globally. The Republicans have bankrupted us since Ronald Reagan, and the Democrats have done nothing but look at socially acceptable issues with their "finger in the dike" approaches. Very, very serious issues face us, and an entire Congress seems incapable of leading.

To give him credit, I believe President Barack Obama has tried, but he is way too cosmopolitan for the average voter existing today. I expect to see our current president step into a truly outstanding international career after his second term. He may even outshine former President Jimmy Carter, and that would be something to see! I am now registered as an independent after trying out both parties and I am not an extremist — I fit squarely in the middle. More and more people are telling me that perhaps we need a third party.

Celie Hanauer, Abingdon

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