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Words we want to hear after every senseless shooting [Letter]

After reading your article about city police Sgt. Keith Mcneill's shooting, two things went through my mind ("Police scour Baltimore for suspect in shooting of fellow officer," March 16).

First, a prayer that Sergeant Mcneill makes a full and speedy recovery. I add him to the list of cops in my own family and pray for their safe return home every day after shift.

The other thought was that I hope the next time I read about another senseless shooting involving a private, non-police citizen of Baltimore, I see in The Sun the exact same words about the intensity of the search from Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts:

"We've been moving on this for the past 24 straight hours," Mr. Batts said. "We haven't backed off, we haven't slowed down, and we will not."

John Bateman-Ferry, Parkville

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