Guard gets no respect from the Army [Letter]

After reading Matthew Brown's article about the rivalry between the U.S. Army and the Maryland Army National Guard, I recognize again, as I did during my service in Guard, the Army's entrenched inability to acknowledge the Guard's status as a quality military force that is able and willing to undertake its domestic and international missions with utter competence and constant readiness ("Army, National Guard at odds over scarcer resources," March 15).

The Army's inexplicable disregard of the National Guard as an equal partner in fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during the past 12-and-a-half years is again in evidence as it proposes force cuts without appropriate consultation.

The time and energy spent by the Guard in its battle with the Army over ill-advised, poorly vetted cuts poorly serves taxpayers, who would expect Army leaders to treat the Guard as an equal partner based on both performance and common sense.

Howard Freedlander, Easton

The writer is a retired colonel in the Maryland Army National Guard.

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