Craig's gift to the 1 percent [Letter]

County Executive David Craig is making it way too easy not to vote for him ("Craig vows to reverse gun laws, seek sales tax break for Md. goods," March 12). Is he running for governor of Disney World?

State government has a lot of bills to pay for education, public safety, infrastructure, etc., and I don't see how Mr. Craig's gift to the wealthy is going to make up for the tax money that isn't collected. I really don't see why Marylanders owe anything to the very wealthy.

Consider how they treat us. The corporate failure of Bethlehem Steel to reinvest in modernizing equipment so that we could be competitive with other countries caused the plant shutdown and the loss of thousands of jobs. Of course, the one percenters blamed the high cost of labor.

As demonstrated by the Target credit card security breach, many Americans had their financial security threatened. For years banks and credit card issuers have been asked why they have not invested in the new chip technology, and their answer has been that replacing the less secure system with the more secure chip card would be very expensive.

These are the same companies making enormous profits and providing hefty bonuses to their corporate gurus. In the last several years it has been reported that the region has endured monumental power outages due to the fact that large parts of the state still have overhead electrical cable. When asked why there is no program to incrementally move cable underground we are told it is too expensive.

Has anyone ever checked the balance sheets of the power companies? Failure to move to underground cable is not only about safety and security it is also about economic viability. Of course the list goes on.

We can no longer believe that big American corporations have any civic spirit at all. At this point all we know is that much of American big business is about raw greed.

Mr. Craig wants to help the greedy and the corporate players who could care less about their fellow citizens. I would never vote to assist this economic nonsense.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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