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Spare the wealthy, spoil the state [Letter]

Republican gubernatorial candidate David Craig wants to cut state income taxes to save the wealthy — people with taxable incomes over $500,000 a year — about $5,300 ("Craig vows to reverse gun laws, seek sales tax break for Md. goods," March 12).

Wow, that'll sure make a difference in their lives! Eventually, Mr. Craig wants to eliminate the income tax entirely, putting Maryland in the company of nine states that have no income tax, including Texas.

However, we chose to move from Texas to Maryland precisely because Maryland's tax-supported government services make the quality of life here so much better — both for our less-fortunate fellow citizens and for all of us. To paraphrase a famous quote: We know Texas. Texas was a residence of ours. Maryland is no Texas, thank god!

If Mr. Craig wants to live in a society like Texas he should take the advice of a Republican icon, Ronald Reagan, and vote with his feet. That's what we did. We who love Maryland precisely because it truly is a kinder, gentler place to live won't miss him.

Terry Shepard and Debra J. Thomas, Baltimore

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