Why no outrage over disrespect to Obama in his 'Between Two Ferns' appearance? [Letter]

There was a multitude of criticism of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly for his disrespecting the "office" of the president when he attempted to get answers from President Obama during his brief Super Bowl interview. The media castigated Mr. O'Reilly for repeatedly interrupting Mr. Obama when the president tried to evade the issue he was asked about and move on to the next question.

But there is no media outrage for any form of disrespect for the president's treatment during his recent comedy show appearance ("When Zach met Barack; pitching Obamacare online," March 11).

Nor was there such outrage over the interviewer calling the president names, ridiculing his policies, making fun of him and asking not policy related questions, but joke questions. And when the president got to his primary purpose for the interview, pitching health insurance to young people, Zach blew him off with something about drones.

The reporter laughed off the interview by saying the president "played along gamely," but ventured nothing about disrespect of the office as happened after the O'Reilly interview.

The president is making his office a joke by appearing on such a show in the first place. The real outrage is that the media should be outraged but isn't.

Charles Herr, Baltimore

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