Time to hold 'big chicken' accountable [Letter]

I was appalled to read Tim Wheeler's report on efforts to reduce farm pollution ("Senators seek to stall pollution regulations," March 10).

University of Maryland scientists say we already have far too much manure on many fields. So why are we putting off decreasing excess manure? It makes no sense.

The article refers to "nutrients" and "inventory," but let's be clear what that means: Billions of pounds of manure are choking the life out of the Chesapeake Bay.

I had a good laugh when I read that the economic impact study referred to in the article will be done by the "Franklin Perdue School of Business." What a joke.

Perdue is the biggest player in Maryland's chicken industry and would lose the most if regulations were enforced properly. I wish legislators would stop playing re-election politics and do what's right for Marylanders and the bay. It's time to hold big chicken accountable.

Nava Rastegar, Baltimore

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