Leave the Arabbers alone [Letter]

Substituting the word people for horses, one could paraphrase letter writer Stewart Lyons' piece to easily read "People don't belong in traffic; they are scared, nervous and bored" ("Put Arabbers to pasture," March 7).

Or, I would have thought we had advanced further than this as a society and left behind "the forced toil of innocent, sentient people in an alien environment. These people have terrible lives working in the busy streets with traffic and noise all around them."

A horse with a job is secure, and given that the meek will inherit the earth, so to speak, the preeminence of the almighty car is history. Car ownership is in decline, mass transit is stronger than ever and we are walking, biking and building trails.

We work by telecommute. Every day we are cleaning the air by reducing our gas-guzzling ways. Leave the Arabbers alone. Soon you may be happy for them to bring you produce.

Bob Bruninga, Glen Burnie

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