Be patriotic: Reject Cove Point [Letter]

According to Dominion Power, the development of fracking has blessed us with new sources of natural gas available for extraction and sale to the highest global bidder. This latest effort being put forth to build a natural gas export facility at Cove Point is all about making money for a select group of "investors" for as long as it lasts. It is not about jobs, the economy or creating a safe energy source. It is about selling our natural resources, as fast as possible, to the highest bidder until they are completely gone. It is another gold rush plain and simple.

What will it look like here in America when the energy raiders have sold all our natural resources? Make no mistake; once the export valve is open the fracking race will explode. Landscapes will be transformed with fracking wells and massive amounts of water, already a dwindling resource, will be wasted and poisoned. Jobs will move overseas where they will use our natural gas to compete against us with low labor costs. Energy costs will increase in America as we compete to buy our own natural gas with Asia and Japan. When the gas is gone where will the jobs be and what will have happened to our drinking water and environmental treasures? Do not be fooled, this is all about profits for those wishing to sell our natural gas resources outside of the United States. This has very little to do with any long-term benefit for us.

It is un-patriotic to sell our natural gas resources to the highest bidder. Let's keep the natural gas in our borders and use it sparingly to build a bridge to long-term sustainable energy options. Let's use it to give American workers cheaper energy, after all these resources belong to us. Let's be prudent, wise and make good decisions. Let's be patriotic and protect our chance to be energy independent. We should not damage our future and risk significant environmental hazards by selling our nation's long-term energy independence for short-term profits.

Do not believe all the Dominion propaganda and TV commercials, when the natural gas is gone Dominion Power will disappear. The reason they will be gone is because we did not build anything sustainable, we just sold something. Like the gold rush it will resemble the dried up boomtown but with potentially very harmful environmental consequences.

Jeffrey H. Horstman, Easton

The writer is the Miles and Wye Riverkeeper.

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