Cardin a no-show for his gun bill [Letter]

Del. Jon Cardin is quite obviously putting politics ahead of what, he claims, are his strongest legislative priorities. The Sun's article, "Bill to close gun law 'loophole' draws fire" (March 5), makes crystal clear that Mr. Cardin cares more about running for higher office than he does about doing his job as a Maryland delegate.

Delegate Cardin introduced an unnecessary and controversial bill to fix supposed loopholes in the Maryland Firearm Safety Act. As a citizen who worked tirelessly to see the measure enacted last year, I find any action involving that law simply as a means of political posturing particularly objectionable.

When it came time to testify on behalf of his own bill, Mr. Cardin was a no-show. Instead, he sent a legislative aide while dozens of opponents came to testify against the bill. The bill had no other supporters, and Delegate Cardin decided it was more important to be out campaigning for attorney general than doing the job he was elected to do.

If Delegate Cardin really cared about the need for his bill, he would have demonstrated his commitment to it. Maryland deserves someone with better judgment and more integrity.

Paul Schwartz, Brookeville

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