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Who's footing the bill for Obamas' China trip? [Letter]

Michelle Obama and her daughters will visit China for eight days during the girls' spring break. Although I am a retired teacher and believe that education is of utmost importance, I am a bit curious as to the purpose of this trip.

Educational exchange is certainly of some value, but I am concerned about the expense of this particular trip during a time when our country is in dire economic straights and we are trying to extricate ourselves from more defense spending.

So who is actually footing the bill for this trip? If this is a private family trip where the expense is being covered by the Obamas, that is fine with me.

However, if Air Force One, the Secret Service and other government resources are being used, I would encourage the Obamas to re-think their plans. In that case, they would be spending taxpayers' (my) money, and I am not certain we would all go along with that. I know I wouldn't.

Susan C. Euker, Bel Air

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