O'Malley robs state pensions [Letter]

Gov. Martin O'Malley is now trying to take my money. That's right, my money. I worked 40 years putting money into the state's retirement system, and now because Governor O'Malley can't manage Maryland's budget, he is going to take what I've worked for over 40 years ("Franchot, Kopp fight transfer of pension money," Feb. 26). He already bankrupted the state's transportation trust fund by "borrowing" funds to balance the budget and then turned around and raised taxes on gasoline and raised tolls. Now he wants to bankrupt the state retirement system!

The best way I can explain Mr. O'Malley is that he is like a child who sees a big pile of candy and he knows he can take as much of it as he wants because he can, only it's not candy it's the retirement of all the current and former state government employees. People of Maryland deserve better than to have their future robbed from them.

God help us if he runs for president. What will become of the United States of America with this kind of thinking?

Carolyn Clavell

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