Ukrainians must fight for freedom [Letter]

You can't reason with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He does not know what reason is. He is like a mad dog. You can kill a mad dog and you can kill Vladimir Putin, but you can't reason with either of them.

Vladimir Putin has reacted to a popular uprising in Ukraine with the sheer brute force of an invasion ("Russia orders surrender," March 3). True to his communist roots as a KGB officer, Mr. Putin has condemned those who overthrew Viktor F. Yanukovych as Nazis or fascists. This is Joseph Stalin's definition of fascism and Nazism. All those who oppose communism are fascists or Nazis. This matter can't be resolved peacefully. Ukrainians who want their freedom must fight for it now. They must turn Ukraine into a huge Russian graveyard.

It is contemptible and regrettable that we Americans aren't living up to our treaty obligations to defend Ukraine from a Russian invasion. That is solely the fault of the liars and cowards who occupy the White House now. Tiny nations like Finland and Afghanistan fought the Soviet Union and preserved themselves as independent nations. Will Ukraine do the same now?

Kurt Alex Snavely, Hershey, Pa.

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