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No contracts until firm is held accountable [Letter]

As policymakers, it is important we acknowledge our limited ability to force actors to behave how we want. What we can do and often attempt is to hold those bad actors accountable when they break the law or act immorally. That is what Leo Bretholz's commentary, "No reparations, no business" (March 1), and House Bill 1326/Senate Bill 754 are all about.

Over 70 years ago, the French company SNCF engaged in atrocious behavior, deporting Jews and other minorities to their certain deaths at the hands of their Nazi captors. To date, SNCF has not been forthcoming about its role in these deportations, nor has the firm paid reparations to victims or their families. The Maryland General Assembly now has the right and the ability to hold SNCF accountable. I support my friend's effort to finally force SNCF to acknowledge its wrongs and make them right — only once its leadership's hands are clean should we allow the company to do business in our great state.

Del. Jon S. Cardin, Annapolis

The writer represents District 11, Baltimore County, in the Maryland House of Delegates and is a Democratic candidate for attorney general.

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