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Port union is hurting its members [Letter]

The longshoremen's union had better be careful in its dispute with the Port of Baltimore, lest it end the need for the jobs it seeks to protect ("Labor dispute a stubborn anchor on port business in Baltimore," March 1).

As it is, the Port of Baltimore is open only five days a week, closed on holidays and at lunch. Any day of the week you can see ships sitting in the bay waiting to get into the Port and you can see trucks lined up on Broening Highway, waiting to load and/or unload. Moreover, most other major East Coast ports not only are open seven days a week and on holidays, with no daily lunch break closure, but are much closer to the ocean, negating the costly eight hour trip up the bay from the ocean to the port.

It is actually pretty surprising that so many shipping companies are willing to endure the long trip up the bay and the limited access to the Port of Baltimore, much less the unstable labor situation.

Anita Heygster, Pasadena

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