Abolish PSC for its 'idiotic' rulings [Letter]

After reading the article "Fees required to avoid smart meters" (Feb. 27) by Jamie Smith Hopkins, my reaction can be summed up with the word "outrageous." For Baltimore Gas and Electric to impose a charge of $75 to be followed by a monthly fee for customers who do not desire to change to smart meters is just disgraceful.

One of my commitments to the voters of the state of Maryland is to try to abolish the Maryland Public Service Commission because of the idiotic rulings it makes such as this penalty forced on customers who want to avoid smart meters.

Unlike the career politicians who pander to BGE, I have filed a $1 billion lawsuit against BGE and its parent company, Exelon, to a halt measures detrimental to the citizens of Maryland.

If you are fed up like I am, then I hope you will vote for Ralph Jaffe as your next governor.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

The writer is a Democratic candidate for Maryland governor.

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