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Mayor Rawlings-Blake can't leave partisanship behind

In my last Baltimore Sun op-ed column, I noted that Baltimore's mayors often have their eye on anything but being the mayor of Baltimore. Obviously, the column struck a nerve with the current Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. In her response, Rawlings-Blake did nothing to counter my claims that she is more focused on her job as Secretary of the Democratic National Committee than she is with being Mayor of Baltimore.

Almost as if to prove my point about how her eye is off the ball, I refer you to Sunday's episode of Meet the Press, in which the mayor was one of the guests on the political panel. The mayor brought her "expertise" on several issues, including the situation in Ukraine and suggesting that "House of Cards" should have been under consideration for an Oscar.

To the Mayor's credit, she did try to promote Baltimore as a destination for the LGBT community. But even then, Rawlings-Blake wrapped it up in a partisan attack:

"On balance, I think the L.G.B.T. community would be better off, save the weather, we can't promise you the weather, but better off in Baltimore. I'm more than happy to deal with the welcome. I think it's a much friendlier place. It burns me up to know that a community that has given so much, particularly for the Democratic party, is under siege. It's 2014. 

"I feel like people should just get on with it and get over it. And we have a great L.G.B.T. community in Baltimore, I've been a big supporter to the first L.G.B.T., the same-sex marriage in the state right after New Year's. And there's no war going on in Baltimore."

 The mayor can feel free to call my column a "partisan attack," but her actions continue to prove my point that she is more interested in politiciking than leading.

--Brian Griffiths is a co-founder and contributing editor for Red Maryland, which has strived to be the premier blog and radio network of conservative and Republican politics and ideas in the free state since 2007. He is chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans. and has worked on and advised numerous local, state and federal campaigns. His Red Maryland posts appear here regularly.

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