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Hands off the Redskins [Letter]

After recovering from the fit of laughter at a fan of another team telling me what I should call my team, I could barely contain myself after reading this line from the recent commentary by Michael O'Hanlon ("It's time for the Redskins to find a new name," Feb. 20) of the Brookings Institution.

"Two Maryland delegates introduced a resolution in the House earlier this month urging the team's owners to change the name, saying it "has been associated with gruesome acts of genocide...."

This refers, of course, to the actions of the government of the United States taken on behalf of the people of the United States against Native American adversaries in the century before the Washington Redskins were formed. Nothing is more funny, or hypocritical, than to see government elected officials condemn a sports team for its mascot rather than, oh say, the return of the sacred Black Hills or the Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, to those from whom it was stolen.

I'm convinced that otherwise smart people think NFL clubs are government agencies or public utilities. The notion of forming a commission to accept public comment to choose a new business name of a privately-owned company suggests that the writer is similarly confused.

Tell ya what. If the Baltimore Ravens give us General Manager Ozzie Newsome, I'll lobby Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to consider a name change. Otherwise, mind your team's business and leave us to suffer with ours.

Anthony Brown, Silver Spring

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