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Despite veto, Arizona still looks bad [Letter]

Just when I think nothing else outrageous can be done in the name of religious freedom, along comes the Arizona bill allowing business owners the legal right to refuse service to gays and others on the basis of said freedom.

That Gov. Jan Brewer publicly announced her veto of the legislation on television shows her concern over the national fallout ("Boycott Arizona," Feb. 27). But the fact remains that it was approved by the Republican-dominated legislature and did reach the governor's desk and that is the scary part of this issue. You can be sure that the old "bottom line" made the greatest impact on her decision, not her sense of what's morally right or wrong.

American Airlines and the Marriott Corporation came out against the bill. The Apple Corporation's plan to build a plant in Arizona and the possibility of a Super Bowl game in the future most likely nudged her decision along the right path. In the end it seems that money trumped Arizona's sense of religious freedom.

Barbara Blumberg, Baltimore

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