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Drafting a running back won't help the Ravens [Letter]

The reason the Ravens finished 30th in the NFL in rushing wasn't completely due to the lack of competent runners or ineffective linemen, it was due mainly to a predictable offensive strategy, a curse that has plagued the team for more than just one season ("Ravens could be looking for running back help in NFL draft," Feb. 25).

It was painful to watch them to try to force a running game to work, come hell or high water, as if trying to will it to happen. It was the lack of any deception in the play calls that made the strategy flop. The year Joe Flacco ran that no-huddle offense was their best offensive season in many years, so it's a mystery why it was abandoned this past season.

Mr. Harbaugh and company can draft all the runners they want, but until they change the current offensive play mindset, the running game will remain 30th worst in the NFL.

Wise up, Mr. Harbaugh.

Charles Nieberding, Baltimore

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