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Time to regulate data security [Letter]

I am writing in outrage over this constant revelation of security breaches involving our most private of data ("UM forms task force to identify any further data vulnerabilities," Feb. 25). I demand that they pass a law limiting any data collection to the bare minimum needed to complete the current business transaction and that all such data be deleted upon final payment or termination of the business activity. The law should go further in that businesses or institutions must notify the person they are collecting data on exactly what it is they are digitizing and obtain written permission to do so.

This week it's the University of Maryland, last week it was Yahoo (who, by the way, never notified me about anything). Before that it was Target. What right or need does Target have for my PIN number? It is high time that the tail stops wagging this dog and we the victims take a pro active strike!

Steven Davidson, New Windsor

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