Hereford parents are no bullies [Letter]

Having attended the PTA meeting Laura McDowell refers to ("Hereford bullies," Feb. 26), I am at the very least perplexed about her letter. The term "Hereford Zone" came from a weather definition for an area comprising over 200 miles that is effected much differently by weather than, say, Essex and Dundalk.

Having lived in the Hereford Zone for over 40 years, I have never heard it described as an area of bullies. It is a community that rallies for the students, rallies for those in need, and yes stands up to local government that is bullying it's students. If this reader is OK with government without democracy, then I guess you will be OK with your current school superintendent, until perhaps he takes away something that your students have had for 20 years and is proven effective without the input of any form of educational analysis to support this county-wide change.

Connie Taylor

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