City wrong to cite church for failing to clear sidewalk [Letter]

As a former facilities manager at the Church of the Redeemer on North Charles Street, I am appalled at the city of Baltimore issuing fines for sidewalk clearing during recent snows at this church ("Plenty of snow this winter brings plenty of fines, too," Feb. 26).

In most city neighborhoods there is a grass divider between the street and the sidewalk. This is not true along North Charles Street where sidewalks border the street. Compressed snow from plowing becomes frozen and very difficult, if not impossible, to remove during freezing temperatures. I have seen snow piled four feet or more on church property sidewalks as plows go by every few minutes keeping the street (a major road) clear for traffic.

In past winters as cold as this one has been, the church was never, never able to keep that stretch of sidewalk clear of frozen snow. But then the city of Baltimore had some compassion for the church and the problems the weather caused!

M.R. "Jack" Owings

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