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U.S. should offer sanctuary to Afghanis [Letter]

One of the most horrific episodes of the Vietnam war was the plight of those South Vietnamese who were loyal to the United States throughout the war. Known as the "boat people," they desperately, and often fatally, tried to escape Communist retaliation after the fall of Saigon.

With the imminent American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the total ineptitude of the central government, it is extremely likely that the Taliban will eventually regain control of the country and will reimpose their strict version of Islam ("Karzai's blame game," Feb. 2). It should be the policy of the United States to identify those Afghanis, particularly women, who feel that they would be subject to retaliation by the Taliban and offer them sanctuary in the United States. This would at least mitigate the bloodbath and tyranny of a Taliban takeover. It is the morally correct policy to pursue.

Marc Raim, Baltimore

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