For Ray Rice, actions define character [Letter]

I find it difficult to understand how those who laud Ray Rice's character can defend what happened in Atlantic City ("Ravens' Rice knocked fiancee unconscious, police say," Feb. 20).

Mr. Rice's actions define his character. Even if his fiancée was having a medical problem, you don't leave her lying in a hallway without rendering assistance or at least showing some concern.

This lady was not a side of beef but the mother of Mr. Rice's child. I'd be very curious to see what Ravens coach John Harbaugh's logic would be if it were his daughter being pulled unconscious from an elevator by her fiancé as if this were a common occurrence.

It's a shame things like this happen, but I hope that the Ravens will remain the class of their league and not let the $5 million salary cap hit influence their decision. Mr. Rice needs to be removed from the Ravens not only to preserve the team's image but also the image of their fans and of Baltimore.

D. Bennett, Bel Air

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