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Why should Md. give the film industry a free ride? [Letter]

For a politician, the opportunity to bring jobs and economic prosperity to the public by subsidizing the production of the TV drama "House of Cards" in Maryland just sounds too good to pass up ("Senator faults administration effort to keep 'House of Cards,'" Feb. 21).

That's the kind of thing that elections are won on. When the politicians finally wake up to the reality that they have been handing more taxpayer funds to the movie industry — $15 million last year — than the industry puts back into the economy, they are shocked to get the movie people's extortion note: Pay up or we move on."

The made-for-TV film industry is nomadic and its jobs are temporary, low-wage jobs. This is exactly what happened in Detroit, where the industry camped out until it found a new group of foolish politicians elsewhere.

Eventually there will be no more foolish politicians, and the movie business will return to its home in California, where it will have to cover its own expenses. But until then it will continue to enjoy the free ride.

Gary Moyer, Baltimore

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