For a Pa. transplant, the allure of Md. wears off fast [Letter]

When I first moved to Maryland seven years ago, I was excited to leave Pennsylvania and become a permanent resident of this beautiful state, especially moving to the top of the Chesapeake Bay and residing on the water in Havre de Grace. Shortly after that our youngest daughter transferred during her freshman year from West Chester University, in Pennsylvania, to Towson University. We did everything by the book, registered our cars, filed our taxes, surrendered our Pennsylvania licenses and received Maryland licenses. We were even summoned within 45 days to serve jury duty, including our daughter.

After all of this however, for the next three years she never qualified for in-state status and Maryland tuition rates at Towson. Each year there was one small detail that this state institution was able to conjure up that would prohibit my paying the less than half tuition that by right a resident should pay. I filed appeals, provided everything that board required and was consistently denied. I even requested assistance of my local congressional representative and state senator but to no avail.

Yesterday I received my renewal for my car registration. I nearly fainted when I went on line to renew what should be a fee of $137, according to the MDOT website. My cost however is now $255. I am writing to warn anyone contemplating a Save the Bay tag to rethink this, you will now pay an additional $20 each time you renew your registration for the privilege of having this tag.

Additionally should you have a vanity tag, you will also now pay a privilege fee (not a tax) of $100 for this. I asked if they had a tag available OUTOFMD, but the clerk found no humor in my question. The appeal of this state has worn off.

Denise Walter, Pocomoke

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