Give classroom technology a chance [Letter]

I've been reading about Baltimore County Public Schools' plan to create digital classrooms by giving every student a mobile learning device ("Baltimore County schools begin technology initiative," Feb. 8). I have taken the time to review all articles as well as information that the school system has placed on its website. While risky, I applaud the school system for understanding the unique impact technology can have on all learners.

As a retired teacher who worked in two neighboring states, I will be one of the first to say let's hold judgment and not be so quick to "shoot it down." Sure, Common Core had a rocky start, but that is because it appears that there was no planning for the change from the federal, state or local levels. However, it appears at least from the school system's website and my two children who teach for the school system, much planning has been and still is occurring. Without a plan, this or any other initiative will fail.

My only piece of advice to the school system is to keep the focus on what this type of initiative can do in terms of transforming student opportunities and not what type of device should we use. As an educator and taxpayer, I will be monitoring this initiative closely, but if done well, this can do wonders to how Baltimore County views its place among other school systems in Maryland. Let's wait and see.

Elizabeth Morley, Perry Hall

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