Folding chairs make good neighbors [Letter]

David Kulick ("The chair in the parking space: A symbol of incivility," Feb. 20) sounds like the kind of guy who cannot wait to park his car in a space dug out by his neighbor.

I live in a townhouse development on a public street. When a plow came through, it left a 3-foot-high wall of snow between my car and the street. Giving due care to my 67-year-old heart, I dug out my car, as did most, but not all, of my neighbors. When I left the house to run an errand, I was not about to give up to someone else, whether neighbor or visitor, the space I worked so hard to create. Thus, out came the chair that Mr. Kulick finds so objectionable.

To me, it would have been a lot more objectionable if someone like Mr. Kulick had pulled into my spot.

Gerald Langbaum, Baltimore

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