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Poultry companies must pay their fair share for bay cleanup [Letter]

I write to applaud the resilience of State Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr. in sponsoring the Poultry Fair Share Act ("Chicken tax sponsor refuses to quit," Feb. 12).

As a resident and business owner in Baltimore City, I and my neighbors are already contributing to help sustain the health of the Chesapeake Bay (through measures like the Flush Tax ).

The Poultry Fair Share Act is meant to share the cost with the one entity that benefits most from the Eastern Shore, and that's the large chicken companies. They use our farmers and land to make huge profits, yet they are not paying their fair share to clean up the pollution from their own chickens — pollution which creates dead zones that endanger our entire seafood industry.

Corporations notoriously influence our legislation. Senator Madaleno is showing much needed courage in standing up for this bill. I call on all our politicians to support and pass the Poultry Fair Share Act.

Penny Troutner, Baltimore

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