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Preston's scathing assessment of Ray Rice is unwarranted [Letter]

Who slipped the "flawed Ray Rice" pills to Sun sports writer Mike Preston ("The fall has come quickly for Rice," Feb. 17)?

Mr. Rice and his fiance were apparently involved in a situation at a casino where slaps were traded, but the couple left the casino together.

The way Mr. Preston worded it, Mr. Rice has morphed into quite the nasty monster.

While I believe that striking the fairer sex is never acceptable, I also feel Mr. Preston is being particularly scathing in his assessment of Mr. Rice. He feebly attempts to tie in Mr. Rice's unproductive, injury-plagued past season with the recent incident at the casino.

And we're supposed to turn our backs on Mr. Rice, despite all the good deeds he has done, particularly with the youth of Baltimore City? Like it never happened? Come on, Mr. Preston.

The Ravens fans know the real Ray Rice, and he's a bright, compassionate young man who has made a positive impact in the lives of local youth. He will continue to have a long, glorious career with the football team.

Find some other source at whom to wave your "morally ugly" wicked stick, Mr. Preston.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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